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Parental eating habits can lead to obesity in the newborn

What is the difference between an ordinary bee and a bee. It is scientifically proven that the main difference is that an ordinary bee at the stage of the embryo ate only a few days. The bee received the same nutrients, only in double volume.

Therefore, you can say that your food determines whether you will be a hardworking bee or a queen and the head of all other bees. ⠀

Once my friend gave me very interesting advice that I want to share with you.

Even if you eat alone, imagine that your children are sitting next to you. And next to them are their children and the children of their children. You are surrounded by all subsequent generations. And you lay down to them those eating habits that they will pass on to their children, and those to their own and so on … And, unfortunately, these habits are not always good.

It happens that all members of the same family are short and full. And it’s not always about genetics. This feature can be caused by nutritional characteristics that have been passed down from generation to generation. But most do not even realize that their genes are completely different, and the bone is not wide at all.

Even the hunger of the participants in the siege of Leningrad had a tremendous impact on their metabolism. The damage to the body was so great that it affected their genome. As a result, the children of the blockades and even their grandchildren could suffer from the same health problems as their ancestors at that time, although they ate fully.

For these reasons, it is important to approach your own diet consciously. Even if you do not care about your health, then think about the well-being of your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Childhood obesity and exhaustion
All who do not monitor their nutrition violate eating behavior and thereby establish the habits of their descendants at the level of genetics. Those who noticed this in time make amendments to the diet and overcome the so-called “food karma”. Then eating habits are equalized and become correct.

The role is played by both a lack of weight due to eating behavior, and its excess. Why obese obese people do not make us want to go up and touch our cheeks, and well-fed babies are the pride of our parents?

It is important to control the weight of the child from the first months of his life. Newborns also have their own standards for weight gain:

plus 600-800 grams per month – the norm;
an increase of more than a kilogram is an occasion to think.
If the child does not receive the necessary calories, he begins to urinate less and experience exhaustion. Then the baby sleeps little and poorly, is often naughty, a lot of sick. All this indicates a lack of “building” cells for the body 0 proteins, trace elements and vitamins.

If the weight gain is more than the norm, then this is an occasion to consult an endocrinologist or at least a pediatrician. First of all, you need to check the baby’s blood sugar level.

An exception to this increase can only be in premature babies or those who have such a physique “by nature”, if everything is quite large in the family.

Causes of Overweight in Newborns
Newborns do not drink soda and do not eat buns with butter and cherry jam. So why do they get overweight? And how can you not confuse it with a cute “swelling” of kids?

Overeating is first of all notified by appearance. Chubby cheeks, folds on the handles and a leg – all this can be touched by grandmothers, but not by doctors. And babies up to a year may appear signs of obesity, which adversely affect his body.

– How to distinguish obesity from childhood swelling?
If the baby is obese, then on his body there is an excess of folds and a massive chest is satisfied. Such children are prone to anemia and allergies. Also, they may have symptoms of rickets: profuse sweating, anxiety, hair loss. Tests will manifest high sugar levels and fluctuations in insulin.

– Why does obesity occur in infants?
Overweight in infants is associated with the same reason as in adults – with nutrition. If the baby is on artificial feeding, it is important to evaluate the caloric content of the mixture and the frequency of feeding.

When breastfeeding, mom needs to analyze her diet. Maybe a nursing woman has a lot of buns, rich soups and cream in the diet?

It is important that the baby, along with breast milk, receive not only the most healthy substances, vitamins and minerals, but also the right eating habits. Put in your genetics healthy and proper eating behavior for all future generations!

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