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First aid kit on vacation with a child. What to put?
What to put in a medicine cabinet, going on vacation with a child? This question is especially relevant in the summer. The absence of one or another medication at the…

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Atopic dermatitis in children: do I need a diet and how to treat it

Atopic dermatitis (ATD) is a chronic skin disease that may have a hereditary predisposition. Such a diagnosis is made solely by clinical manifestations. It is characterized by a violation of the function of the skin barrier as a result of a deficiency of binding proteins, frequent infection of the skin or a violation of the quality of life. Outwardly, dry skin is observed, which is accompanied by itching. In atopic dermatitis, immunity is prone to inflammation, an allergic type, and the formation of IgE. Atopic dermatitis is not all accompanied by food allergies, this applies to 40-50% of children with AD.


Causes of atopic dermatitis.
Treatment of AD in a child.
Wet wraps with atopic dermatitis.
Reasons for atd. “The more sterile the environment, the higher the risks”
atopicheskii_dermatit _01
First of all, we observe atopic dermatitis. Due to the fact that the skin barrier is broken, we have high permeability to external irritants. These include food allergens, household dust, pet hair. Accordingly, this can lead to the development of an allergy to a specific irritant that enters the body.

There is a hypothesis of “patient exposure.” I will give an example when a child drinks milk (he is friends with “milk”) and suddenly it spills onto the skin affected by atopic dermatitis. As a result, the body can then perceive milk as an allergen. Food allergy, I recall, is less common. In this case, you need to cope with the dryness of the skin.

There is a hygienic theory – “the more sterile the environment, the higher the risks”. The sooner you introduce your baby to microbiomes, the better. The body learns to recognize “its friends” and “uninvited guests.” If this is not done, then the body, even the normal proteins that we absorb with food, will be perceived as an allergen.

Atopic dermatitis is not possible to get sick already in adulthood. If this happens, then this indicates that in childhood there were already problems, dry skin was present. When atopic dermatitis has manifested itself, this means that its source must be sought in childhood.

Xerosis of the skin in a baby, mothers are often confused with atopic dermatitis. But if the affected area does not itch, then this is not ATD. Xerosis in children under 3 years old often happens when the apartments include heating. Sensitive skin reacts instantly to heat and dry air.

Nutrition and flowering in AT
I am often asked if a hypoallergenic diet should be prescribed. If the child has a food allergy, then a specific ingredient should be excluded. You can prevent the problem if you introduce allergens into your diet at an early age. Then immune tolerance is developed.

If the child has atopic dermatitis, and after milk or any other allergenic product, he develops urticaria or itching intensifies, then we exclude this product. After 2 weeks, if there is no improvement, then this means that the product is not an allergen.

It happens that a specialist prescribes an anti-inflammatory drug for a child, but it does not help. This happens if the baby continues to consume an allergenic product.

Features of the immune system and high permeability of the skin can lead to an atopic march. Atopic dermatitis develops into allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. Atopic dermatitis may worsen on flowering. Interestingly, the reaction can continue even when flowering is complete. For example, if we are talking about cross allergies. Suppose the birch has faded, and the child’s eyes swell after a peach or grape. In this case, we process the berries and fruits thermally, and reduce the amount of product. It happens that if a child eats it less, then the process is easier.

Localization of atopic dermatitis
In young children who still do not know how to crawl, atopic dermatitis can be observed on the head and face. When the child becomes active, begins to move more, then the lesion is on the face and flexion areas of the limbs. In adolescents, it appears on the flexion sites. The older, the more local the area of ​​atopic dermatitis – only the elbows or face, and maybe under the knee.
Many people ask whether it is possible to lead a child for vaccination with AD. Atopic dermatitis is not a contraindication to vaccination. If the child has remission and there are no rashes, then you can carry out the procedure. Contraindication may be a violation of the immune system. If there is no hereditary factor, and the child is not seriously ill with other diseases, then you can go for a vaccination.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis
atopicheskii_dermatit _02
Treatment of atopic dermatitis occurs in the following order. First and foremost, inflammation should be neutralized. Then save and restore the epidermal barrier with emollients. Here you need to remember the “rule of 3 minutes” and apply a lot and often, perform wet wraps. This is especially true for severe forms, if other methods do not help.

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