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Panic attacks: how to decipher their “messages”

Doctors and psychologists recommend that in the event of frequent unreasonable anxiety, pay attention to your physical activity, diet, and also check the “thyroid gland”.

Of course, everyone in life had situations when a person could not help but worry and not be anxious, and such a condition, if it occurs rarely and “in the case”, is quite normal.

But if outbreaks of anxiety occur for no apparent reason, then you should pay attention to your health and, perhaps, even visit a doctor. After all, unexplained bouts of anxiety and panic are often “superficial” processes that, in fact, occur in the body and do not promise anything good.

Lack of physical activity

Psychologists advise to pay attention and analyze their physical activity and nutrition. Indeed, in order to be in a healthy tone, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions: to move, eat well, not to disturb sleep patterns.

Otherwise, the body will begin to fail, which will affect the nervous system with such explosions and outbreaks of panic and irritability.

Hormonal disorders

These are the most dangerous cases. After all, the appearance of anxiety originates in the endocrine system, and more precisely in its violations. Due to malfunctions in the body, an imbalance of hormones occurs, which are responsible for various psycho-emotional spheres of our lives. Doctors say that often unexplained panic attacks are almost the only symptom of thyroid problems.

In women, such mood swings signal changes in the body of a climacteric nature. Therefore, often the doctors who are referred for panic attacks, the first thing they recommend is to visit an endocrinologist and take hormone tests.


Few have heard about this, but anxiety or fear can be harbingers of a viral disease that has already settled in the body, but has not yet shown itself, since the viral activity that has begun provokes the excitability of nerve cells, affecting them. There is panic even when the body temperature rises – after all, thermoregulation is violated, it is reflected in the nervous system.


Unexplained anxiety can also occur with problems with the heart and blood vessels. However, in this case, panic attacks come in waves: anxiety “rolls” relatively softly and passes quite quickly. But such a state itself becomes almost an everyday occurrence. Due to the fact that blood circulation is disturbed in diseases of the cardiovascular system, brain cells begin to suffer, lacking nutrition, which affects the nervous system.


Well, and another main reason for the occurrence of anxiety is frequent and severe stresses that deplete the nervous system and adaptive functions of the body. For this reason, increased excitability begins, or vice versa, a person falls into apathy, and there are also bursts of anxiety over the most meager trifles.

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