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PMS in men: how it manifests itself and why it happens?

How many jokes women have to endure about the notorious PMS! Is there a PMS in men? It turns out that the stronger sex also suffers from this syndrome. In the same way, at times men become irritable for no reason, and their mood changes every minute, and other signs of PMS are evident. It’s just called for men not PMS (what menstruation is), but CMP (decoding – male irritability syndrome).

What is the cause of PMS in men?
In women, PMS is caused by a change in hormonal levels before menstruation. The same reason lies in the development of SMR in the representatives of the stronger sex. Testosterone is to blame for everything, or rather, a decrease in its content, which causes PMS in men.

Testosterone may decrease under the influence of several factors.

Diseases Diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure contribute to lower testosterone levels. Acute infections and parasitic diseases also contribute. Testosterone deficiency can occur as a result of concussion, trauma to the testicles.

Stress May Cause PMS in Men
Stressful conditions. This is the most common cause of PMS in young men. Increased psychological stress due to responsible work, worries about the family budget, troubles at work and at home, and just overwork and lack of sleep – there can be many reasons for stress. With stress in the body, the level of cortisol increases, which inhibits the production of testosterone. Stress also provokes the production of certain enzymes that have the ability to destroy testosterone.

Heavy physical work, heavy loads. It is believed that physical activity is beneficial for the production of male hormone. It really is. But too much stress, such as exhausting workouts, training on simulators, can play a bad joke by lowering testosterone and causing PMS.

Taking some medications. Some drugs, if taken for a long time, have a side effect – a decrease in testosterone production. These are antidepressants, drugs to lower cholesterol, as well as potency enhancers, especially if you do not adhere to the prescribed dose.

Bad habits. The appearance of PMS in men is promoted by alcohol, including beer. When drinking alcohol, the level of cortisol, which reduces testosterone, rises. Smoking and, especially, the use of drugs negatively affect it.

Age. In men after 45–50 years of age, testosterone production begins to decrease slightly. This phenomenon is quite normal, it is akin to menopause in women. But unlike the latter, in men age-related changes are much milder. Nevertheless, if the stress factor is also superimposed on the age factor, then with a high degree of probability PMS will be provided to the man.

How does PMS appear in men?
In men, of course, there are no such symptoms as engorgement of the glands, pain and heaviness in the lower abdomen, but psychoemotional disturbances are present.

Fatigue in men
• A man quickly gets tired, and fatigue does not occur in the evening, but already in the morning. And this state continues all day. The result is reduced performance.

• Irritability is another characteristic sign of PMS in a man. Literally everything annoys him, he is constantly dissatisfied.

• Apathy and depressive state, without foundation. The man becomes indifferent, he does not want to do anything, he does not want to see anyone.

• A man suffering from PMS is constantly put to sleep at any time.

• Dramatic changes in sexual activity are possible: from lack of sexual desire to violent manifestations of passion.

Is PMS dangerous in men?
It all depends on the cause of this condition.

If the signs of PMS are associated with the disease, then, without treatment, the disease will progress, and therefore, the state of PMS will increase.

A constant lower level of testosterone in itself is fraught with the development of infertility, osteoporosis, and other pathologies. But the psyche of a man suffers the most.

However, more often the signs of PMS are associated with stress and overstrain, and this condition is easily corrected. The main components of the “treatment” will be:

quality sleep for at least 6 hours;
good nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals;
good rest, including moderate physical activity;
reduction of stressful situations, and if impossible, the development of relaxation techniques (but not with alcohol!);
regular sex, preferably with one partner.
If this does not help, you will have to consult a doctor and possibly take medication.

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